As travelers, you undoubtedly derive tremendous benefit from the beautiful countries you visit. Amaltas Luxury feels passionately that it is imperative to give back to the local communities that you visit. Our philosophy is based on the strong belief that travel to developing nations can have an equally positive impact on the local residents as on the visitors who experience a life changing journey. We partner with charitable aid organizations and contribute a part of our revenue to support them. And we humbly request that you take a small amount of time to visit some of these important charities and their beneficiaries, and consider giving a small donation.

By spending time with local people in their homes, schools and places of worship, you interact with and immerse in their cultures, instead of just passing through a destination as a tourist spectator. In learning about foreign cultures and achieving some level of understanding of their people and values, you are in a much better position to actively help those who are in need.

We promote a socially responsible tourism that strives to generate cross-cultural understanding and preserve the diversity of our world's many unique ways of life and hence part of our profits go directly to local charities. The goal is to provide long-term assistance through a variety of self-sustaining programs that empower people to help themselves by engaging in economically beneficial activities.

Please contact us for more information on how to donate.