We have expertise and connections to manage the highest end of the market. In case your preference is to stay in the most opulent accommodation (Hotels / Villas) or a Jet Escape or simply want the very best of everything; we recommend you go with our ‘Ultra Luxury Choices’

  • Private Jet Travel

    Avoid the hassles of inconsistent flight schedules and often inconvenient routings by having Amaltas Luxury arrange for you to travel in style and according to your own schedule. Private Jet travel is the ultimate luxury, particularly within the massive and diverse subcontinent of India. For those busy professionals who can only spare a few days at a time for their vacation, but want to see and experience as much as possible, private jet travel is the answer.
  • Helicopter Escapes

    Embark on a Private Helicopter for a short and memorable escape. Helicopters are highly recommended for private interludes and quick day trips. Visit the magnificent Taj Mahal from Sunrise to Sunset or take off in the Himalayas for a rejuvenation experience. Flying in the air is truly the best way to make your romantic moments special or make family bonding an experience to remember.
  • Kerela Houseboat Experience

    There are many inlands and backwaters full of fascinating realms that are difficult or impossible to get to overland, or even by plane, hence traveling by a boat allows you easy access to remote lands. Voted among the world’s best travel experiences, don’t miss a Kerala Houseboat Cruise. Amaltas Luxury offers a splendid range of private backwater cruises set in style, with Private Chefs and Butlers on board to lay out a Royal Experience for you. Enjoy a Rejuvenating Massage on the deck or submerge in a stimulating Jacuzzi filled with rose petals, a Fragrant Experience!
  • Private Yachts

    Floating in splendid isolation in the middle of the Bay of Bengal are the Andaman Islands, these 300 or so islands are the highest peaks of a submerged mountain range. Allow us to pair you with the ideal Private Yacht for your travel to these Indian Islands. We work with the very best operators, and have access to the finest vessels plying along the Bay of Bengal to Andaman. The yachts are available for charter for a week upwards and can accommodate up to 10 guests, customizable to your passion and requirements in terms of Cuisine, SPA, Adventure Activities and more.
  • Luxury Trains

    Luxury trains offer an illuminating journey bringing to life the bygone era and passage through time in sheer opulence. Luxury rail journeys have come a long way in India since the introduction of ‘Palace on Wheels’ train in 1982. Nowadays, there is a wide selection of luxurious trains offering extravagant journeys across select destinations and regions for an enchanting Indian holiday. Experiences offered by Indian Luxury trains are the talk of luxury travel circuits around the world.

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